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'God Is Moving,' Sadie Robertson Says after Visiting College Campuses on Tour

Lindsay Elizabeth | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributors | Friday, April 26, 2019


This past week, author and Live Original founder, Sadie Robertson, shared an encouraging note about the faith of college students on Instagram after visiting a few college campuses.

In her post to Instagram, Robertson shared with her 3 million followers some uplifting news: there is a stirring of the holy spirit on college campuses.

“I’m blown away by what I saw, what I experienced, and all the conversations that I had,” she shared.

Robertson visited three colleges that week – the University of Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi State – and saw the same hope on each campus.

A hope for revival, a hope for stepping into the grace of God, and a hope for real change in their hearts. Robertson explained that she saw a desire for authenticity on the campuses, a real craving for truth.

“There is such a stirring on college campuses and a craving for authenticity,” Robertson explained. “For a way, for some truth, and for real LIFE and watching people lay down their temporary solutions and step into the realization that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. I was able to watch not only hope rise up, but a new found confidence in identity.”

The Duck Dynasty star shared how she watched as college student after college student boldly made the decision to follow Jesus, standing up in front of their friends, declaring their new found relationship.

“I could literally rave about all these 3 days for hours because I’m so passionate about what is happening on college campuses, and how God is moving,” Robertson wrote.

She added that she didn’t know how to accurately cover her experience in just an Instagram post because she was left speechless following the visits, but that she wanted to share to give people “hope for the future of this generation.”

“Hopefully it raises your faith too and brings you a new found confidence in what your God can do right here right now right where you are at,” she added.

“Maybe you’re in college right now and you’ve been waiting on someone to come and stir up the move on your campus,” she wrote, “but the truth is the move is in YOU.”

Jennie Allen, founder of the IF Gathering a worldwide discipleship program for women, commented, “It is beautiful friend!”

Robertson ended her post by sharing encouragement for young adults, urging them to turn their hearts to God.

“The spirit of the living God lives in you and is always on the move, so when you realize that you can be the one to turn in a new direction and lead a movement!” Robertson concluded.

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